Monday, April 20, 2009

What color are you?

If you could be any color which one would it be.
If you want to take the challenge then let's begin.
Take a 5x7 blank background and make it your color,
add things that can only make that color better.
Why are you that color, what makes you feel that color.
I would do this challenge in one setting, because our colors can change to another one at any time.
Then if you want me to post them please send them to my email, and I will post as I can.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Blog Site

I throught I would do another blog mainly for the textile art, quilts and mixed media side of what I do. So this site will be of that endeavor. Please join me for the adventure, into my journey of textile, metal, lost and found objects and whatever else may come.

The name of this site comes from being a wife, mother to 7 grown children and 7 grandchildren, and number 8 due in July and I do have frayed edges!

Please check out my other blog until this is really up and running